Morris Park Locomotive Shop

Project Detail



New, Modern 21st Century locomotive maintenance facility for the railroad’s fleet of DE 30 and DM 30 diesel and dual-mode diesel-electric locomotives and work train diesel locomotives. Construct a new locomotive repair shop to replace the existing 125 year old Morris Park Round House which has surpassed its design life and is presenting an additional maintenance burden on operating resources. The new facility will be better equipped to maintain the LIRR’s current fleet of diesel locomotives used in revenue service as well as the fleet of diesel work locomotives. Customer service will be enhanced through better locomotive reliability and on-time performance. This project includes a new Locomotive Shop at Morris Park to replace a 131‐year‐old facility. The new shop will shorten repair turn‐around times, support overhaul and heavy maintenance efforts, which will increase the reliability of LIRR’s diesel fleet. The project includes a new shop track and a new lead track into the yard (the “Motor Lead”), the section of the Yard where out‐of‐service equipment is stored. The brand‐new locomotive maintenance facility will support the railroad’s fleet of DE 24 and DM 21 diesel and dual‐mode diesel‐electric locomotives and work train diesel locomotives. With these improvements, the new facility is expected to increase productivity by providing a more efficient shop environment.  The existing Sheridan, which AMCC built in 1981, and Roundhouse shops lack adequate space, shop equipment, and at times require locomotive transfer between facilities depending on the required work.